Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hawai'i Cuisine: Chicken Salad Chinese-Style with "Dabest" Sauce

I love those wacky Hawaiians and their "da"s. I also love Sam Choy and his salads. Now, I'm not a salad girl, but he makes salads just the way I like them, with everything he can think of thrown into one bowl. Chicken Salad Chinese-Style with "Dabest" Sauce (pg 22) was another winner.
The salad is a crunchy mix of lettuce, napa cabbage, cucumber, celery, green pepper, carrots, chicken, shrimp, and fried wonton strips. The sauce is made up of sugar (big surprise), rice vinegar, oil, ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and green onions.

There is so much going on in this bowl that my mouth didn't get bored, which is always the danger I face when eating salads. My only complaint is that the shrimp would have been better if they were sauteed in garlic, instead of simply being boiled.

Conclusion: Liked it. Crunchy and sweet.

I was feeling a little celebratey, because, oh, we just found out we're MOVING TO ITALY next summer. YA-HA-HA-HOOOOOEEEY!! Thank you, US Navy!! Anyway, I wanted to make some dessert without running to the store. Peaches in Red Wine (pg 109) from Ready for Dessert sounded elegant and fun. Plus, it was simple. Dissolve sugar in red wine. Add peaches (or, in my case, nectarines). Chill for a few hours.
David Lebovitz owes me a bottle of red.
I really thought this would be good. It tasted like cough syrup. What a waste of decent wine and juicy nectarines. We couldn't eat it. It was that bad. Sugar in wine, left to sit, is a bad idea. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. That's okay, though, because moving to Italy is good, good, good. YEEEEE!!!

Conclusion: Hated it. It had to happen eventually.


  1. HOLY !@#$$^%^&&*((&^%$$#@!! :):):):)

  2. OMG! Congrats on the new location! JEALOUS!!!! And, of course, since it's the Navy, you'll be near water. Ah...hopefully it's the Amalfi Coast!

  3. Oops, key detail to omit. lol Yes, it's Naples, which is a 45 minute drive from Amalfi. I'm so excited, I can't stand it!

  4. WOO HOO! Italy is amazing! You're gonna have a blast. Eat yourself silly while you're there too :)

  5. ITALY!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm SO JEALOUS :-)
    How long do you get to stay there??

  6. Oh my goodness, that's very exciting! Congrats! I've never been to Naples before but everyone says that it is where the best Pizza in the world comes from.