Friday, March 16, 2018

A Waste of Expensive Bacon

Brace yourselves for a tale of woe.

When I read through the recipe for Super Porktastic Meatloaf, I thought, "I like pork." My next thought was, "Wow, there are a lot of vegetables in this meatloaf. Mushrooms and onions cooked in ghee? Okay, I'm with you. Defrosted frozen spinach? Weird, but maybe. A puree of celery, parsley, and coconut cream? Um. Um. Ew. Um. Okay. Okay. Let's go with it."

Shouldn't have gone with it.
Stop now, and throw it out.
This meatloaf was N-A-S-T-Y. We couldn't eat it, it was so disgusting. Matt and I will usually power through and not waste food. We couldn't take a second bite of this. I can't even explain the layers of depravity involved in this meatloaf. It was wet, despite my wringing out of the spinach. The flavor was horrible. The texture was mushy. It's in my top 5 most horrible things I've ever eaten, right up there next to tripe.
Bacon can't save you.
Fortunately, there was a little leftover pork loin in the fridge, and leftover pizza for the kids. 

To make matters worse, I cooked this on Wednesday, knowing that my Thursday was going to be insane, so I was planning on eating the leftovers. I had no other food prepped for yesterday. In any healthy eating lifestyle, meal prep is super important. I don't know if it's MORE important with paleo/whole 30, but I do know that, apart from fruit, raw veg, and nuts, there aren't many grab-and-go options. Yesterday was a struggle. Today, I'm roasting every vegetable in my fridge. I will not be left unprepared again!

On Whole30, you can't buy normal bacon. Oh, no. You need sugar-free bacon. Did you know that there's sugar in normal bacon? There is. Sugar free bacon is fricken expensive. I wasted 6 strips of it on this monstrosity.

Conclusion: Hated it. If I had a category that was lower than Hated it, this would be there. Wish me better luck tonight.

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