Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Not All Bad

Apparently I like any smoothie that crosses my path. The Mocha Java Smoothie (pg 25) from So Easy is exceptionally tasty. I didn't realize until after I dissolved the instant espresso, cocoa powder, and a touch of sugar in boiling water that the recipe was actually for two servings. I gave myself the correct amount of milk, thickened up by a frozen banana, but I doubled up on the flavor. It was a good mistake.
Chocolate + Caffeine=Happy Ma
Conclusion: Loved it. Not the most filling breakfast, but definitely delicious.

I'm on the fence about Salmon Florentine and Quinoa Pilaf with Pine Nuts (pg 197). The Florentine part, which was spinach, shallots, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and red pepper flakes mixed with ricotta, was flavorful and a nice twist for dinner, but it didn't mesh perfectly with the flavor of the salmon. It would be great on top of breadcrumbed chicken (which would, of course, defeat Ellie's entire healthy-cooking premise).
This meal is Charlie-approved.
I thought the Quinoa Pilaf with Pine Nuts was boring, but Matt liked it. The quinoa is just mixed with toasted pine nuts, cooked onions, and parsley. Enh.

Conclusion: Liked the Florentine, though not on salmon. The Quinoa Pilaf was just okay.

Charlie had eaten his dinner earlier, but then he wanted mine, too, so I gave him a bit. Usually he just takes my food away from me and feeds it to the dog. Thaaaanks. I couldn't believe my eyes as he ate all of the spinach mixture and all of the quinoa I gave him. To give you some perspective on the impressiveness of this, he has spit out every single strand of spinach that has ever passed his lips. I may throw Florentine on everything from now on.


  1. that florentine topping sounds like it might work better with a thick sea trout,flounder or lemon/oil marinated halibut or cod... Greeks use a lot of spinach dressings for split baked whole fish, with some extra lemon, oregano, basil and feta- then topped with breadcrumbs- amazing good!!!

  2. I agree, the salmon florentine topping looks delicious!

  3. I wonder if Charlie would eat the spinach and quinoa if you made it again, or if he truly is a fickle eater?

  4. I have no idea, but I'm certainly going to try.