Friday, May 3, 2013

FFwD: Creamy Mushrooms & Eggs

Every once in a while, I need to stop what I'm doing and cook something nice, just for me. I've been running errand after errand since we returned from Krakow on Monday night, my house is a disaster area, and we've probably overextended ourselves a little in terms of planned activities for this weekend. I'm not complaining about the activities (bagels at a friend's Saturday morning, friends coming to our house for a BBQ Saturday evening, and we're going to another friend's house Sunday morning for a full American brunch). I want to do every one of them. I wish I was one of those people who was a little neurotic about the state of her house, so that every single time we're having company, I wouldn't be rushing around trying to de-slobify, and could just focus on cooking some good food.

Oh well. I'm not that person.

So, my bagels are proofing, my Sunday brunch contribution of a Strawberry Loaf is baking as I type this, and it was nice to take a few quick minutes to pull together such a fast, delicious, and luxurious tasting lunch as Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs from Around My French Table.

It's probably best if we not tell the Weight Watcher overlords about this one. Diet? What diet?

Matt rails against any type of breakfast-for-dinner, and he hates mushrooms, so this was an easy choice as something to make for a solo meal. I'm glad it was a simple recipe.
Cook shallots and mushrooms. Add cream, rosemary, and chives. Dump on a piece of toast. Top with poached eggs.

So, so good.

I've read a lot of blog posts lately encouraging people to conquer their fear and poach an egg. I had no idea they were on the list of food items that rattled people. I've always had much more luck with them than trying to flip an egg. It's funny how each person has their own unique relationship to every single food out there.

Have a great weekend, Doristas! I'm off to bring a semblance of order to my living room.


  1. Yeah, this was so, so good! Perfect one person meal. You baked up a lot this week!

  2. Yes - this was a perfect one person meal :-)

    Can you come take care of my living room after you're done with yours?

  3. Ha! Mine was a one person meal too! But after seeing the shots he wants me to make it for him tonight with the leftover mushrooms I was going to save for steak. You snooze you lose. A runny poached egg is a beautiful thing here!

  4. De-slobify. What a great word. This is my unsolicited advice regarding housekeeping. Have you ever read an obituary that said "Her house was always perfect. She was a great housekeeper." No is the answer. And, decades from now, no future generations will remember if your house was "picked up" or not. But, I'll lay you odds that they will be passing down a few of your recipes and remembering what a great cook you were or that you created a cookbook immersion project. So, shove the messiness under the bed and enjoy your week-end. Interesting that Matt won't go for breakfast-at-dinner. Nor did Michael. Ottolenghi's salad (with the dates) has been a hit - all my friends are making it now. Any other good ideas?

    1. I agree with you, Mary. Matt is the primary instigator of our "clean the house for company" pushes, and, in fairness, he does a very thorough job. I'm more of a "shove stuff into the bedroom and close the door" kind of gal. It causes some conflict. ha! My cousin once told me that my mom was her hero "because she never let a messy house stand in the way of company." Learned behavior, or "just the way I am"? Maybe a little of both.

      Glad everyone's loved the salad! I was daydreaming about it the other day, but then I remembered I'd used up all my dates. Must add them to the grocery list. I plan to cook more from Jerusalem next week, so I'll keep you posted if I find more winners. The recipes have been more hit-or-miss for me than I expected.

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  6. I’m one of those people that would be rattled by poaching eggs. I’ve never been able to make a proper one…until now! I was so glad to finally have success with poached eggs.
    My mother used to tell me to enjoy my kids because, the house would still be there long after they’re grown. She was right!!
    So glad you enjoyed this one…we both enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!


  7. My husband makes bagels from scratch... they really are amazing. It seems like this was a solo meal for many. At least it was easy. He doesn't like mushrooms... hard to believe.

  8. It was a perfect solo meal for me, too! Have fun with all your entertaining and festivities...sounds like a blast!

  9. I agree with you, I can poach an egg better than flip one. Your dish turned out beautifully and after seeing
    it, I wish I was having this for dinner tonight. Thanks for your thoughts, things are better and I'm glad
    we were not flying when all hell broke out in Boston. Enjoy all your lovely brunches, sounds like fun.

  10. What a great meal to keep to yourself. This was just so good. I'm the pile-queen, so I'm always finding places to stow the piles when company comes over. I will never be known for my extraordinary housekeeping, but that's fine by me.

  11. I'm a shove it all in the bedroom and shut the door kind of housekeeper, too. It's more important to enjoy time with friends than to micromanage one's housekeeping, I think. Sounds like you've got a wonderful weekend planned!

  12. I would eat breakfast for every meal if I could. It's definitely my favorite meal. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Your eggs came out beautifully! I hope you enjoyed your busy weekend.

  13. You are a rock star with that schedule and attitude- amazing !! I imagine your house is similarly stellar- you know how to balance priorities well if you are entertaining and being entertained that often (the key to a well lived life !!). Glad you enjoyed the dish- my guys did even though I am not a fan or mushrooms or poached eggs. Hence the role of taste testers :)

  14. You are right, this is a great dish, and easy for one! Your schedule has me reeling - hope it was all fun! BTW, I'm stealing your term de-slobify! That's awesome!