Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pain in the Ass

Remember when I said that Charlie specifically requested that we make Cowboy Elmo's Fastest Mac' n' Cheese in the West? Meaningless, in terms of his willingness to actually try it.

The Commissary only had white American cheese, so that's what I bought. With that one decision, I sounded this meal's death knell. You see, our pasta turned out to be white instead of yellow. The picture in the book was yellow. Because ours was not yellow, Charlie refused to taste it. Not even one bite.

He has been banished to his bedroom, and I'm quite sure I'm in for a long night.

I'm certain he would like it if he tasted it. I actually thought this was good. It's more like out-of-the-box mac n cheese than any other version I've made. It's just a bit of milk, a bit of oil (I used olive instead of vegetable), add the cooked pasta and broken up American cheese, and mix it all together until it's saucy.
Had I realized that the color would be such a problem, I would have shredded some cheddar to add to the mix. More cheese never hurt anything.

As far as the cooking goes, Charlie counted out eight slices of cheese, broke up two of them, then said that I should do the rest. He scooped the pasta out of the box, and he added the oil, milk, and cheese to the pot. Seems like an okay level of involvement to me. There wasn't much else to it, except for the parts that involved boiling water.

Not really sure how to judge this. I think I need to make a Wouldn't Taste It category.

I was in a good mood before we started cooking. I'm currently seething. The joys of parenthood. Sha na na naaaaa!

Update: After an hour, he came out of his room and ate his cold, congealed pasta. Going to call it a "Liked it." 

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