Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Long Term Project: C is for Cooking

The Easter Bunny brought Charlie a Sesame Street cookbook: C is for Cooking. I've bought kid cookbooks before. They're usually pretty underwhelming, either because they're aimed at older kids, or because the food is flat-out lame. I'm sorry, but I can make all the raw vegetable smiley-faces I want. Charlie isn't going to eat it.
I ordered C is for Cooking without seeing it first, and it looks decent. Not that these will be award-winning meals or anything, but they are easy recipes with clear steps. I also like that they specify which steps are kid-appropriate and provide little counting games and such to do while you're cooking.
Charlie likes to look through his cookbook while I look through mine. Yesterday he pointed to the mac n cheese recipe and asked if we could make it. Heck yeah, we can make it! It's on tonight's menu. Figured that I should make this book a long-term project so that I don't forget to use it with him. My judgments for how successful a recipe was will be based on whether or not Charlie ate it, not if I liked it, and how much he can actually participate.

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  1. Yes! I have been waiting for this one. Finally, a cookbook at my level.