Thursday, May 29, 2014

FFwD: Piperade Stir-Fry

This week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe features assorted colors of pepper, stir fried together with an onion (supposed to be red, but I had white), garlic, olive oil, piment d'Espelette (I just used chili powder) and red wine vinegar. It was straightforward enough, and became a good topping for a burger. It didn't really wow me, though. We learned to make a similar recipe in an Italian cooking class that I'm taking here in Napoli, and that one has a lot more pizzazz--the peppers are roasted, then mixed with lots of garlic and parsley, oil, and white wine vinegar. I'd go that route in the future.
My biggest complaint is that the recipe uses five peppers, which is supposed to serve four people. I cut the recipe in half, and this still made a ton of peppers. 

This week, I also caught up on the recipe for Roasted Rhubarb. I saw some rhubarb at the Commissary for the first time ever, so I snagged it, ran home, and made this. Fortunately, the only other ingredients are sugar and lemon zest, because I didn't really know what the recipe entailed when I bought the rhubarb, I just knew I had a rhubarb recipe to do. I threw in some strawberries, too, because I was alarmed by how sulfuric the rhubarb smelled when I was cutting it up. Does it always smell like farts? I've never used it before. I thought strawberries could only help.
This was delicious, and I really enjoyed the texture of the roasted rhubarb. Yum.

I made Smoked Salmon Waffles for dinner tonight. I'm really not a huge smoked salmon fan, and this was a bit much for me. I put a poached egg on top of the waffle, because poached eggs improve everything they touch. Still, I couldn't finish the whole waffle. The fishiness just got to be too much.
This one gets a big thumbs down from me. I suspect, from the lack of enthusiasm in his voice, that Matt may be picking up a pizza for himself on the way home from work.


  1. One can not go wrong with a boatload of garlic... just saying.
    I don't remember rhubarb smelling sulfuric - but my memory is very faulty these days.

    I hope the pizza was a hit :-)

  2. The Italian version of the peppers sounds fantastic. And as for the roasted rhubard, try it by itself some time. I think you'll be surprised at how good it is on its own.

  3. While the Italian version of the peppers sounds good.... I am too lazy to roast the peppers (just becos I have never done it before ie roasting the peppers...) - Dorie's piperade works well for me! Love all three dishes of yours.