Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hubs: The Hero

Yesterday, my boy woke up with a 100.5 fever. El Doctor declares he has an ear infection, strep throat, and is teething (Still. Man, those are slow teeth.) I appear to have become a giant comfort cushion, so there has been no cooking.

Matt jumped in like a champ today by making our weekend bread and bagels, and he also made HFC's Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (pg. 381) for dinner.

It may have been a little too hot in my garage. I always let my pizza dough rise in there, but it's never done this before:
It's aliiiiiive!
This dough is awful. It's half whole wheat flour, half bread flour. The crust very much resembled drywall in color, texture, and flavor. Never again. We'll stick with Mark Bittman's recipe from How To Cook Everything instead. I don't need whole wheat so badly that I'd ruin a pizza for it.
Conclusion: Hated it. Absolutely hated it.


  1. Oh no! Failures in the kitchen can be so disheartening. But now you know what to do differently next time. Don't try being healthy :)

  2. haha--exactly right. If I want healthy pizza, I'll cover it in veggies.

  3. Oh my. That's not good. And whole wheat flour should encourage healthy eating, not ruin it. Thanks for the heads up!