Thursday, February 25, 2016

Acid Soup

This morning, when I was trying to figure out something cheap to cook for dinner, Smoky Minestrone with Tortellini and Parsley or Basil Pesto (pg 387 of The Food52 Cookbook) sounded really good. Bacon? Good. Leeks? Good. San Marzano tomatoes? Good. Tortellini? Good. Veg and pesto? Good and good. Only need to buy a zucchini and some chicken broth? Great.

However, by the time I started cooking, my daily heartburn had kicked in, and those same ingredients--the bacon, the onions, the tomatoes--looked like a boiling vat of acid.

What's that you say? Eileen, you know this baby is crowding your stomach and giving you heartburn every day. Why in the world would you have two glasses of lemonade with lunch? Yeah, that's fair. You're right. I have no excuse, except that I can't get enough lemonade or olives (not together) this pregnancy. Would I have avoided this evening's reflux, if not for that lemonade? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. Don't you judge me!

I carried on and cooked the soup, mostly as written. I omitted the leek, because the Giant near me only stocks organic ones for $3.99 each. No. Not paying that. The first time I couldn't find generic leeks there, I thought it was a fluke. Apparently not. Isn't that weird? Other supermarkets around have leeks, but going to a second store smacked of effort. Oh well. I also cheated, and used a dollop of pesto from my Costco jar. I love fresh pesto, but the jar was just sitting there in my fridge, already made.

I ate a very small bowl, and it was pretty delicious. I've never had tortellini in minestrone soup before, and it's a very satisfying addition. I look forward to having a bigger bowl for lunch tomorrow. I'll try to refrain from the lemonade. No promises.

Conclusion: Liked it.

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