Monday, February 22, 2016

My Paris Kitchen: Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries

I'm a few days late with my post for Cook the Book Fridays, but I needed a day or two after returning from our vacation in San Diego (so lovely!) to get into cooking mode.

On weeknights, Charlie and I eat before Matt gets home from work, so I planned to make Steak with Mustard Butter and French fries for Saturday, because nobody wants cold french fries and reheated beef. I was grateful that this recipe was so easy to scale up at the last minute, because Matt decided to go out and buy a piece of furniture for our basement at around 3, then realized after he got home that I, being six months pregnant, should probably not help him carry it into the house. We lured a friend over with promises of steak frites, ran out to buy a third ribeye, rubbed it down with salt, chili powder, and parsley, let it sit in the fridge for an hour, then proceeded as planned.

My steaks must have been thinner than Lebovitz's. I cooked them according to his timing, and they lost all blush of pink. They were still juicy, but not my ideal cook. He'd specified that he likes his steaks to be thinner so that there's more surface area, but mine must have been too thin. Ah well. Much to my surprise, because I'm not a huge mustard fan, I lo-oved the mustard butter with the steak. I see a lot of mustardy steaks in my future.
No pic of the steak, because I felt dumb photographing it in front of company.
The french fries were good, too. I mean--french fries. Unless they're cold and dry, they're always going to be pretty good. Even if they're oven fries.

That mustard butter stole the show.

Conclusion: Liked it.


  1. Yay, so happy to see so many of the old crew joining in this new adventure. I also see that you are doing Food52, which is one of my favorite books, but for some reason I am really struggling to remember which recipes I use frequently. But for reasons I cannot explain, I have yet to make that polenta recipe, even though I too notice it every time I flip through the book. Now you've reminded me that I really have to try it myself.

    1. I know, it's fun that the gang's back together! If you remember any recipe you especially love from Food52, let me know. And you definitely should try the polenta. I was daydreaming about it while I was out and about this morning, but was too starving by the time I got home to do more than reheat leftovers for lunch.

  2. This was delicious (and mustard butter on steak - who knew?)
    I think it is perfectly reasonable to use food as a bribe.

  3. Mustard butter was a revelation - so glad I've got some extra in the freezer (for emergencies, you know). And I bet your friend will be asking to be notified whenever you need furniture moved, now.

  4. Hi Ei, Good to see you again and wonderful that we are all cooking together2 with David's book! Congratulations on your pregnancy (and I just became grandma for the third time (boy) in February!). The mustard butter is a keeper recipe, and I shall get to the oven baked fries, soon. I enjoyed your post!

  5. Hi, Ei! I don't think you and I overlapped too much in FFWD, so welcome! That's really good to know that you're not a fan of mustard, yet you still liked the butter. I mean, I thought it was amazing, but I like mustard, so now I know for relatives/friends who are not super mustard fans that they may really like it. Also, I haid a similar experience with the steaks being overcooked to my tastes. Sigh. I'll close with a big congrats on expecting--what fun!

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