Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Throw some vodka in there and have yourself a party.
 I baked bagels again this morning, and a friend came over for a lovely brunch. This seemed like a fitting opportunity to make Cold Melon-Berry Soup (pg 101). Also, I wanted to get a simple Dorie meal out of the way early in the day, because Matt's grilling up a lamb chop dinner for me.

I would probably call this a drink instead of a soup, since it's really just canteloupe pureed/liquified with some fresh ginger and lime juice, topped with a tablespoon of white wine, melon balls, strawberries, and mint. I always think of soup as having a savory element, even if it's gazpacho, or something else that's cold. Regardless of how you define it, it was refreshing and good. I could probably drink an entire melon this way.

Conclusion: Liked it, and it was perfect as a brunch component.


  1. I like the melon-berry concept, but I don't care for vodka. Maybe I'll try this with a fizzy Prosecco!

  2. OOOH, yes! Prosecco is an even better idea!