Friday, May 6, 2011

Maybe It's Just Me

I seem to be on a losing streak with these recipes. Tonight's Garlicky Crumb-Coated Broccoli (pg 334) sounded like just the sort of thing I would like. I toss broccoli with oil and garlic several times a week with dinner, so I was looking forward to a variation on that theme. The French Fridays With Dorie cooking group featured this recipe a few weeks ago, and it seemed, from looking through people's postings about it, that it was a big hit. I guess I did something wrong.
It tastes like it looks.
The directions seem simple enough: Cook broccoli. Melt half a stick of butter (!!!!!), cook garlic in it for 2 minutes, add breadcrumbs and some lemon zest (I used lime, because it's what I had). Dry off the broccoli, add it, and mix until the it's coated.

My conscience tells me that half a stick of butter has no business in my broccoli. I cut it a little short, but there was still a whole lot of butter involved. I could forgive it if this turned out to be delicious, but it didn't. The breadcrumbs turned soggy, even though I'd dried off the broccoli. It was unpleasant. Matt actually rumpled his face in disgust after his first bite. Woops. At least it wasn't a complicated or expensive recipe. I won't be making this again. Three hours later, my mouth still feels greasy.

Conclusion: Dislike. I just realize that I go from Indifferent to Hate in my ranking system, so I'm adding a "dislike" option in honor of this recipe.

I promise I'll start making more interesting recipes again in the next few days. It's amazing how a teething baby can throw everything out of whack.


  1. Sorry you didn't find success with this one. I know that when we did this for ffwD, there were mixed reviews.

  2. I actually loved this broccoli dish! Sorry it didn't turn out for you. :(