Monday, May 30, 2011

What's French for "Feeding Frenzy"? Part 2.

It turns out that cheese souffle and chocolate mousse are not the best dishes to feed to a guest who has an upset stomach.

The Cheese-Topped Onion Soup (pg 56) was well worth the three hours that it took to caramelize the onions. The broth was richer and more flavorful than any other version I've eaten. It's better suited for cold weather, but we all enjoyed it, despite the Texas summer. Even Hilary finished her bowl.

Conclusion: Loved it. I'm looking forward to having more for lunch.

Cheese Souffle (pg 150) is not all I expected it to be. I've never had it, and I guess I expected something more than cheesy eggs. I'm sure that this is a perfectly fine recipe, but it turns out not to be my taste. It seems like a whole lot of work for food that's not much tastier than a standard omelet. None of us ate very much of it. Matt suggested it would be better if there was a prize in the bottom of the dish. That made me laugh. We were pretty much in agreement that a quiche packs more punch for the eggy effort.
It's pretty, at least.
Conclusion: Indifferent. I don't like it, but I don't blame the recipe for that. I think I'm just not a souffle girl.

The mousse was awesome. It thickened up in the fridge, so it was denser than I expected from tasting it earlier in the day. Yum, though. It's dangerous for my waistline that I now know how to make this easy, easy dessert.

Also, gougeres have once again proven to be a miracle food. Charlie ate five or so yesterday evening, and lo and behold, he slept through the night without waking up once! I'm telling you, if you have a picky toddler, try gougeres. Seriously. Fortunately, the batter freezes well, so we can have a steady supply.

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  1. Too funny, next time I make souffle I will have to think about hiding a prize in the bottom :-)